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Indulge in the ultimate confidence boost with our best-selling slimwear collection. Designed to smooth, sculpt, and flatter your figure, these shapewear pieces are your secret weapon for a flawless look. Explore our most popular styles and find the perfect fit for you!

Sculpt & flatter

Best Sellers

Looking for a way to feel confident and supported all day long? Look no further than our best-selling shapewear! These customer-favorite styles offer a comfortable and flattering fit, perfect for any outfit.

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Staff Picks

Want to know what our team is wearing this season? Look no further than our staff picks! We've asked our team to share their favorite swimsuits/slimwear, and now you can shop their must-have styles. Get inspired by the looks our staff loves and find your new favorites!

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The swimsuits everyone's loving

Swim Collection

Looking for a swimsuit that flatters your curves and makes you feel amazing? Look no further than our best-selling slimwear swim collection! These popular styles are designed with comfort, support, and figure-flattering features in mind. Browse our top sellers and find the perfect swimsuit for your next poolside adventure!

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Our Vision

To empower every woman to embrace her unique beauty and feel confident in her own skin, offering a diverse range of innovative apparel that flatters all body types and celebrates individuality.

About Us
  • Sarah K.

    I was hesitant to try a bodysuit,but The 96's best-seller convinced me!It's so comfortable and flattering,it's now a staple in my wardrobe.

    Best Sellers 
  • Jessica A.

    The 96's swim collection is amazing!Their bodysuits offer great support and make me feel confident by the pool.

  • Emily L.

    I wasn't sure if a ribbed bikini would look good on me, but this set changed my mind! It's so flattering and makes me feel super confident.

    Solid Ribbed Bikini 96 Set 
  • Olivia B.

    I love The 96's staff picks section!It's a great way to discover new styles and see what other people are loving.

    Staff Picks